Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

The Red Cup Showcase is a two-division round robin tournament. The top two teams in each division will advance to the crossover games.

Crossover games will be a 1 vs. 2 format with divisional crossover and are single elimination. If RHS participates in a crossover game, theirs will be the 6:00 game. If they do not, the 6:00 game will be hosted by the 1st place team in the Red Division.

Championship Game - Winners of crossover games.

Note: Home team for the championship and crossover games will be determined by round robin standings.

All games consist of three (3) fifteen-minute stop clock periods.

Ice will be resurfaced prior to each game as well as after the second period of each game.

Warm-up will take place following the previous game, prior to the ice being resurfaced (no earlier than 25 minutes before scheduled games).

In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, there will be sudden death 3-on-3 overtime in the form of 15-minute stop clock periods until the tie is broken.

Regulation wins will be worth 3 points, overtime wins 2 points and overtime losses 1 point.

One time-out per game will be allowed.

Players, coaches and bench staff failing to abide by tournament rules by engaging in improper conduct on or off the ice will be subject to expulsion from further tournament play. This will be the sole discretion of the Tournament Discipline Committee.


Match penalties or gross misconducts will result in offending players being ineligible to participate for the duration of the tournament.

There will be no stick measurements.

There will be no protests.

Any goal spread of five or more goals in the third period of play will result in running time for the duration of that game.

Teams are asked to warm up and start the game in the end zone of their respective dressing rooms. Teams will also use the bench on their dressing room side.


1. Record of tied teams against each other.

2. Plus-minus of tied teams only in games played between tied teams.

3. Fewest total goals allowed during the tournament.

4. Most total goals scored during the tournament.

5. Fewest total penalty minutes during the tournament.

6. Team who has scored the earliest goal in a game between tied teams.

7. Coin flip.